We are also open every Saturday and Sunday for Walk-on Paintball play from 9am-4pm.

Except during special events on April 8, 9, 16 (Easter) and 29; May 1; June 10, 11; August 19, 20; October 7; December 2, 9, 10, and 24.

Event Information:

  • Sat

    AIRSOFT EVENT - Annual Battle of the Bulge

    7am - 4pmOUTDOOR XTREME

    botb airsoft

    Airsoft Op. Battle of the Bulge 2016

    -- Scenario ---

    In December 1944, Adolph Hitler attempted to split the Allied armies in northwest Europe by means of a surprise blitzkrieg thrust through the Ardennes to Antwerp. Caught off-guard, American units fought desperate battles to stem the German advance at St.-Vith, Elsenborn Ridge, Houffalize and Bastogne. As the Germans drove deeper into the Ardennes in an attempt to secure vital bridgeheads, the Allied line took on the appearance of a large bulge, giving rise to the battle’s name.

    Join Patriot Armory and Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City as we pay homage to the infamous battle of seventy two years past.

    -- Teams/Uniforms --

    American Team (Blue Team): M81 Woodland, Woodland MARPAT, Woodland CADPAT, AOR 2, A-TACS FG, MultiCam Tropic, Tiger Stripe or Solid Green/Olive Drab. Authentic WWII American Uniforms Permitted For Use with Prior Approval by Patriot Armory Staff.*

    German Team (Yellow Team): 3-Color Desert, 6-Color Desert, Desert MARPAT, MultiCam, MultiCam Arid, UCP (Army Digital), AOR 1 or Solid Tan/Coyote. Authentic WWII German Uniforms Permitted For Use with Prior Approval by Patriot Armory Staff.*

    * Authentic Uniforms may be required to wear colored armbands depending on the overall color-scheme of the uniform to avoid confusion.

    You must wear both a top and bottom that adhere to your team's camouflage restrictions. The top and bottom does not necessarily have to match (ex. MultiCam Pants, Tan T-Shirt) however you may not wear colors that are not listed above or that are on the opposing teams' list. Failure to adhere to the uniform policy will result in the player being given colored arm band tape. For any questions pertaining to the uniform requirements, please contact Patriot Armory directly.

    -- Price & Raffle --

    $45.00 Pre-Register (until November 19th) - Receive One Raffle Ticket
    $55.00 Walk-On - Receive No Raffle Tickets

    For up-to-date information, please visit the Facebook Event Page.