Cell Team Six – VII MOBSTERS Paintball Magfed Event

Cell Team Six – VII MOBSTERS Paintball Magfed Event

CT6 Mobsters

Operation Mobster is just that. A world full of gangsters, violence, sex, drugs, money and power. With great power comes Mobsters or better known as Mob Bosses. You and your team will have to take control of several cities around the world. Marking it as your turf. Your house. Your power.

Mob Boss “Ramon Duran” controls most of the territory in Europe with his right hand man “Christopher Scott”. On the other side of the globe in North America we have Mob Boss “Marcus Stiles” and his right hand man “Justin Pretzel”.

Over the last couple of months both families are seeking more control. More power. They both want the other boss out of the picture for good. They want it all, and will do just about anything to get it. They trust nobody. Not even their own. What they both don’t know is that there is a new kid in town. He’s got good looks, money and power. Who is he? Nobody really knows. Where is he? All over ……

Who will be the number 1 Mob Boss?

Registration link is live!!!!!

Saturday Check in 8:00am
Saturday Special Challene/Mini Missions 3pm – sun set
Sunday Check In 8:00am
Sunday Chrono 8:30am
Sunday Orientation 9:00am
Sunday Game On 10:00am
Sunday Lunch 1:00 to 2:00pm
Sunday Re-Start Switch Sides 2:00pm
Sunday 5:00pm Game Over
Sunday 5:30pm Awards

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