Operation: Patriot Rising Airsoft Op

Operation: Patriot Rising Airsoft Op

patriot rising

Operation: Patriot Rising Airsoft Op

Spring 2025. Left largely unchecked, the deteriorating situation in the Middle East brewing for the last decade boiled over into large, full scale war between the major oil producing nations. As a result, European and North American countries dependent on foreign oil suddenly found their reserves depleted and economies collapsing.

United States’ continued practice of over-borrowing resources and funds coupled with increasingly failing economic reform policies have strained centuries long alliances. Most notably of these alliances is our neighbor to the north, Canada.

Themselves facing depleted cash and oil reserves along with record breaking winters due to global climate change, Canada abruptly closed its embassies in the United States and severed diplomatic relations. Fearing an even harsher winter by year’s end with oil reserves projected to be exhausted by Christmas, intelligence sources indicated Canada has been eyeing an American owned oil facility near the Canadian border.

Will Canada invade the United States to bolster its own oil reserves? Will the National Guard be able to fend off such an attack should it occur? And will the civilian population evacuate in face of invasion or stay and fight for their homes? Join us for Operation: Patriot Rising at Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City to find out!

·         Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City Airsoft Rules & MilSim Rules in effect.

·         Uniforms –  No restrictions.  Red is protected color for dead flags.

7:00AM – Registration/Mobile Store/Chrono stations OPEN
8:30AM – Safety Briefing
9:30AM – Game Start
12:00PM – Lunch Break
1:00PM – Lunch Break End
1:30PM – Game Starts
4:00PM – Game Ends
4:15PM – Raffle

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