Outdoor Xtreme Fund Raising Opportunities

Silent Auctions:
We provide 2 packs of ten passes valued at $300 per pack to auction off ($600 total value). You keep the funds raised.

Fund Raiser Days:
All youth organizations, schools, and non-profit organizations may request fund raisers. You select a day to hold your event at our park. For example, we may have an Autism Awareness Day or a Hatfield Little League Day. It’s more fun when everyone comes together for one day, however, your ticket will NOT expire. Those who purchase the tickets may redeem them anytime.
We will create personalized tickets with your logo and/or the logo of your cause.

The ticket includes:
• All Day Field Fee (regularly priced @ $15)
• Unlimited Air Fills
• Equipment Rental with Safety Gear (regularly priced @ $15)
You sell the tickets and keep 100% of the money for your cause. You will be given tickets in amounts of 100 and you decide how much you want to charge per ticket. The value of each ticket is $30. But you can determine the cost of the ticket. If you sell all 100 tickets for $15 each (a 50% savings for your supporters), then you will raise $1500 for your cause! And you’ll have a day of fun you’ll never forget.
No paintballs are included; Outdoor Xtreme will sell bags of paintballs at the park and Outdoor Xtreme will keep that revenue.
For those who want to join the fun, and support your cause but don’t like the idea of running around the fields playing, they can still come to show their support, purchase paintballs and use them at our shooting range!
We will also have a booth for you to have raffles or a bake sale to help you bring in additional revenue for your cause (we would not ask for any of that money).

When you’re ready to roll with your fundraiser, we would need at least 2 weeks’ notice to prepare the tickets and get them to you. We recommend you leave yourself an additional 3-4 weeks to sell tickets. When you’re ready, all we need is:
1. an emailed logo of your cause
2. a date for your event
3. how much you will sell your ticket for
4. how many tickets you will need

For more information and questions please contact Kristy at


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