Please read through these carefully and ask questions if there is something you do not understand.

All players must sign a full wavier (a release of liability) to play paintball (download form from home page tab)
If you are under 18 years old the wavier must contain your guardian’s signature for you to play.
Be prepared to show proof of your age (photo driver’s license).
You must be 8 years of age or up to play paintball (Private group exceptions may be negotiated)
No one under 18 will be allowed to play without signed waiver by a parents or guardian.

Goggles must be worn at all times when on the playing fields, target/chrono
area and any area designated as a “Goggles On” Area. “Goggles On” signs identify all “Goggles On” areas. While in these areas, APPROVED EYE PROTECTION (designed for paintball) MUST BE WORN BY ALL PERSONS AT ALL TIMES.
Players must not remove goggles when leaving the playing field. Goggles must remain on until players reach the staging or safety area when the referee gives the “Goggles Off” signal.
If goggles need to be cleaned, use the cleaning solution and tissue paper located at the cleaning table.  Do not use Windex or any other commercial based cleaner.

All players are required to have paintball marker barrels covered with a device specifically designed for blocking the ball if the marker is accidentally fired, at all times. OXCC requires use of “Barrel Socks/Covers” — not “plugs.”  If you don’t have one — we have them available for purchase (S5).  They may be removed only while in game areas, target range, or at the chronograph area. This includes driving on and off of the property.

We allow semi-auto, response triggers, 3 round bursts.  We do not allow full-auto mode.
Max rate of fire is 10.5bps.

All markers/guns must chronograph under 280fps. Players must check their guns before play and should check their guns several times a days to make sure they do not shoot over 280fps.  Referees will have calibrators on them during play and can check your gun.  If your gun is over 280fps you may be removed from the park.

No shooting or dry shoot in the staging area and parking area. The chrono/target range and field are the only places where firing is allowed.

We do not allow any outside paintballs at our parks.  We only use a premium grade paintball that is safe for the environment.

First Strike rounds may only be used for walk-on MagFed days and Events.  They are not permitted for normal walk-on play.  Players must chrono FS rounds and be under the required FPS in order to enter the field of play.  Markers thats are MagFed must remove the Mags when exiting the field for safety and can only put the mags in after entering the field of play.
All FS rounds must be purchased at the field!

NO ALCOHOL or illegal drugs will be permitted in the parking area or on the field! It is strictly forbidden to bring or consume alcohol before, during, or after the game while on Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City property.  Paintball is serious fun and you need to be sharp and in control at all times.

No profanity, cursing, swearing or obscene gestures are allowed anywhere! You may get covered with paint but we consider it good, clean fun!
No fighting or arguing with Ref’s or other players.
No physical interaction whatsoever is allowed between players.


Players must know and understand all playing and safety rules AND all player must follow the referee’s instructions at all times.
The referee will start the game. Make sure to listen for the ref to say GO.
All decisions by the referees are final.
No shooting before the game starts and No shooting after the game is over.
DO not shoot the Ref!  If you are caught shooting the Ref you will be out of the game.  Please have respect for our Ref’s!  They are there to help make your game fair and fun!
All personal equipment must be approved by OXCC before it can be used.
If for any reason your gun is not working and you are not sure of the problem alert a referee and they will assist you.

Do not pick up paintballs off the ground as they ruin the guns.
Do not over fill your ammo loader.

Do not lay rental equipment on the ground.
All old paint marks are removed. Players can be eliminated for old hits.
No tools or weapons are allowed on the field.
No blind shooting. Players must look at targets before shooting.
No intentionally malicious head shots.
No modifying or disassembling of any rental equipment. All players must remain within boundaries to remain in play. If a player goes out of bounds, they will be eliminated from the game.

Barriers and obstacles are not to be moved or modified in any way.
No Climbing, altering, or constructing obstacles.
Remember it is a competitive game but first and foremost it is a game where you have fun.  Please keep your sense of humor and sense of fair play. If someone is doing something they shouldn’t, report it to the staff so they can check into it.
You may get covered with paint but we consider it good, clean fun!

A player is eliminated when a paintball breaks and leaves a paint mark at least a quarter size or larger anywhere on the player.
There is no elimination if the paintball does not break upon impact.
If the paintball splatters after hitting a tree or other object and that splatter hits the player, the player is not eliminated.
If a paintball hits and breaks anywhere on a gun, hopper or any other piece of equipment on a player, that player is out.
Any spec of paint from a Paint Grenade eliminates a player. No matter the size or the mark left.
Marker hits DO count. Goggle hits DO count.
If you call yourself hit without a break, you’re still out.
When a player has been hit in a location that he cannot see, he may call for a paint check.  The player must call “PAINTCHECK ME” and continue to play.  A judge will come over to check the player for a hit, do not stop playing.  If the judge feels it necessary to move the player to check him, he will call the player neutral by shouting out “THIS PLAYER IS NEUTRAL”, and will place a hand on the player.  If you see a judge with his hand on a player, that player is neutral.  Neutral players may not to be fired upon, and they may not fire. Neutral players may not move, and no player may move to improve their position on this player. Once the paint check has been resolved the judge will call the player in or out, and the game will resume.
A player may call a paint check on another player if he is reasonably sure the player has been hit and marked.  To do this the player calling the paint check must say “PAINTCHECK” FOLLOWED BY THE LOCATION AND IF POSSIBLE THE DESCRIPTION OF THE PLAYER TO BE CHECKED. (i.e. “paint check the guy in the black sweatshirt behind the blue barrel to my right”).  The more exact the location and the description that is given, the faster your paint check will be executed.   Judges will not respond to a player simply calling “Paint check”.  If paint checks are called excessively or needlessly the judge may eliminate the player calling the checks.  When calling a paint check on another player you may not move on that player, but you should continue to fire. You should encourage players who you believe you have eliminated to check themselves by calling out “CHECK YOURSELF PLEASE”. Again, be as specific as possible by telling the player exactly where to check. When a player checks himself, you must stop firing at him.
If you shoot a player, and he is hit, QUIT SHOOTING!!!!  Excessive Shooting will cause you to be ejected from the game.  Be careful not to shoot players that are “out” and are leaving the field.
When hit, shout “Hit!” loud enough for those in your vicinity to clearly hear you, raise your marker in the air pointing upwards, and make your way off the field keeping your marker in the air. Be for you leave the field make sure your barrel plug is in.
A player can surrender at anytime. You do not have to wait to be hit. To surrender shout “Surrender”, “Hit” or “Out” and put your gun up over your head to show you are out. Head back to the staging area.
If a player holds their gun with both hands stretched out over his/her head, no one is to shoot at the player. This movement is only allowed if the player is eliminated, or in a case of emergency.
Eliminated players should head back to the staging/safety area.
Eliminated players are not allowed to talk to or signal live players.
Eliminated players cannot shoot while walking out of the field, nor are they to be shot at.
If you go out-of-bounds, you’re out of the game. Hits made by anyone out-of-bounds do not count.
Three ball break rule – Shooting and hitting a player where three or more balls break on a player is prohibited.  The first offense will result in a verbal warning.  A second offense will result in sitting out two games.  Any additional offenses will result in ejection.
If you are caught rubbing off paint while in the game to avoid calling yourself “out”, you will not be allowed to play.   Cheaters will not be tolerated.
There is a 15 – 20 foot “Bang Rule” !  It is forbidden to shoot from a distance under 15 feet without asking the other player to surrender first. That player can then yell “I am out” & put their barrel plug on.  If they refuse to surrender and move to shoot you, you may shoot the player. There is less shame in surrendering than there is pain from getting hit from 15 feet away.


Listen for referee’s instruction at all times.
The game is over after a referee calls “Game Over”. A player or Referee can end a game if there in a Emergency (like an injured player) by yelling “911” or “MAN DOWN”. If a game is stopped all players should plug their marker and leave the field.
Head back to staging/safety area.
Player cannot shoot while walking out of the field, nor are they to be shot at.
NO shooting once you are out of the game and no shooting after the game is over.

Smoke/Paint Grenades
Tactical Smoke, LLC. “Tactical” and “Battlefield” & Enola Gaye Pull-Pin Smoke Grenades are permitted for use. No other smoke grenades are permitted!
You must notify a ref on the field prior to using a smoke grenade so we can monitor the grenade while in use.
Do not pick up any smoke grenade either while they are burning or after they are done. They are hot!
Smoke grenades are not to be thrown directly at players.
Do not throw inside any buildings or structures.
When throwing a paint grenade you should announce by yelling “grenade incoming”
For paint grenades everyone within a 15′ radius will be eliminated regardless if you have paint on your or not.
Must be 18 years of age or older to use smoke grenades and exploding paint grenades
We reserve the right no to use smoke grenades based on weather conditions.

BBQ Grills
Grills are only permitted in the camping area with prior approval

Existing Injuries
We reserve the right to deny play at our facility for any of our activities if you have an existing injury or medical condition.  For example, but not limited to, a cast due to broken or sprained body part, or any other conditional that could re-injure or cause a medical situation.

All players must wear full-length pants (NO Shorts allowed).  It is also recommended (but not required) that players wear long-sleeve shirts (so as to leave as little exposed skin as possible).
Never leave your paintball equipment unattended between games and always lock it up during games.
Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City reserves the right to change and/or add rules at anytime for safety and fare play. Oudoor Xtreme Chesapeake City also reserves the right to dismiss any one from the game at any time who we feel is not following the rules and/or is not conducting themselves with good sportsmanship, and NO refund will be given!

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