“We cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had yesterday with paintball and knockerball. Matt and Caleb were fantastic!! We had a total of 19 ranging in ages from 11-49…encompassing four families. Everyone walked away with smiles and a few “battle wounds”. Matt and Caleb not only kept us safe but also engaged and challenged everyone in the group making it a memorable day!”

“The staff is very friendly and helpful. The whole event was a pleasure start to finish. The kids (and adults) had a blast!”

“A fantastic place to play paintball. Staff is knowledgable and courteous, always checking in on players. They remind you to stay hydrated had jugs out of lemonade and tang. Large fields, so many we couldn’t play them all. Come ready for a good time!”

“This place is awesome for all ages. I first took my son (12) with some of his friends and they had a blast. I then booked a group for my husband’s birthday. He and his 7 friends had such a great time. I planned on them playing for an hour an then being tired out. Well, was i wrong. They played for 3 hours and now want to play once a month. Definitely worth the money spent.”

“The paintball program was terrific. Had 8 kids for a birthday party for my son. We did buy an extra 1000 paintballs but it was well worth it. Kids spent four hours shooting at each other. Beats playing on the X-box!”

“Great service, better crowd than others we’ve been to, more fields, equipment in better condition, refs are on point”

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