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When is XTREME Zombie Park Open?
We are open the last Friday and Saturday in September until the first Friday and Saturday in November.

What if it rains?
We run rain or shine.  Our Zombie Hunting Vehicles (Z.H.V.) are equipped with covered canopies and our
waiting area in under covered pavilions.  Don’t worry about the rain, we have you covered.

Do I need tickets for XTREME Zombie Park?
Tickets are highly recommended.  The number of riders we can accommodate per hours is limited so we
suggest locking in your time slot by buying tickets in advance.  We anticipate large groups coming to our park and we will do our best to accommodate every hunter, but we can serve you better if you reserve your spot by buying tickets online and presenting them at registration counter when you arrive.  We don’t want to you to make the drive only to fine out we are booked for the night.

What if I just show up?
If you just show up to experience XTREME Zombie Park, you will be placed in the next available time slot for your ride.  If we are busy, you may wait for some time. We suggest reserving your time slot by buying tickets online in advance.

What is the minimum age for XTREME Zombie Park?
The minimum age is 5 years old, however you know your children better than we do and if they can handle this type of thing.  If they are afraid of being in the dark in the woods, you may want to try an earlier time slot before it gets really dark.

Can I ride with my kids if I am not shooting?
If the child can fit on your lap, yes.  If you take up your own seat on the Z.H.V., you will need to purchase a ticket.  Your child could shoot your paintballs, however.

Will I be shot at?
Zombies don’t shoot, they eat.  So, you will not be shot at. We will keep you save at all times.

How long is the ride?
The Z.H.V. hayride attraction is about 20 minutes start to finish.  You can spend as long as you like at the target range and enjoy the fire and other ambiance as the weather gets colder.

Will I need to purchase anything else?
Each admission comes with some UV-Reactive Zombie Hunting Paintball depending on what ticket you purchase.  Players wishing to enjoy the target range and shoot more on the Z.H.V. may use 200 balls or more. Extra UV-Reactive balls are available for $10/100 balls.  Zombie T-shirts and other items may be available for sale and the concession stand will be open for hungry Hunters.

Can I book a group or XTREME Zombie Park?
To coma as a group, just buy tickets online and choose the same time slot and ticket level for each Hunter.  The Z.H.V. holds 32 hunters, so we will do our best to keep your group together as long as you are in the same time slot block and ticket level.  If after looking at the online ticket portal, you still need help, call us at 410-885-5555.

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